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We want to see all your videos, photos and read all your stories!


To contact Darin Crapo, host of UFO Planet,  use the email address displayed above.

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Is your video already on YouTube?  If that is the case then send Darin a link along with the date, time, location and description of your video via email and your part is done.  Darin will contact you if more information is required.


You can email your UFO photos directly to Darin.  If possible, please send raw photos that have not been edited or cropped.  Please include date, time, location and a description in your email submission.


Email your videos directly to Darin if you shot with your cell phone.  If it is a large file,  then upload to your YouTube channel and send Darin a link to the video along with date, time, location and a description of your video encounter. RAW, unedited videos are preferred.  Please DO NOT add music to your video.


RAW videos can be very large and in most cases you are not able to send via email.  Selection one of the many FREE services listed below, upload your video, and then contact Darin via email to share.  Darin likes Dropbox best and has the best success with their service.


DropBox | SkyDrive | iCloud

For instructions on how to use the above services,  please refer to the support section for each service.  UFO Planet and 4U2Ctv do NOT proviude technical support for DropBox, SkyDrive or iCloud.

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Photos and videos included for play on UFO Planet are selected from all submissions. Not all submissions make it on the show

By submitting your video, photo or story you authorize the 4U2Ctv Multimedia Network to use the media on platforms supported by third party advertising.  Episodes of UFO Planet containing your submitted media remain the property of the 4U2Ctv Multimedia Network and may not be re-uploaded, transmitted or broadcast without express written permission.

UFO Planet features guest appearances from people all over the planet who have had personal UFO Encounters.  To be a guest on UFO Planet contact Darin Crapo with your personal encounter story.  Please include your photos or videos when you make contact.

In order to be a guest you must have access to Skype with a camera .

You must be the owner of any media examined during the interview.

You DO NOT NEED MEDIA to be on the program.  If you have an exciting personal experience then send Darin the details in email and he may contact you to be a guest on the show.



LIVE Network Visitors

Real-time visitor map. Pulsating white dots represent current reader locations and red dots represent previous reader locations.