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New DAILY UFO Sightings program (3-7 minutes) will begin production on April 22, 2014.  Darin will provide a daily update on the most recent UFO sightings and News From Space.  On each episode of UFO Planet,  now airing on Sunday’s,  Darin will examine the best recent UFO sightings in detail. Check out the test episode of UFO Planet Daily Sightings Update below.

Daily UFO Sightings Report -- April 15, 2014 - 4 UFOs Plus Full April 2014 Lunar Eclipse
On today's UFO Sightings Report: Aiken, South Carolina; Dayton, Ohio; Front Royal, Virginia; Binghampton, NY plus watch the full lunar eclipse from start to full shadow in high speed.
UFO Planet Ep 112 - UFO Sightings in South Carolina, Germany, WA, LA, Kosta Makreas Interview
Take a journey into the unknown with Darin Crapo and examine the following UFO Sightings: Large object passing through clouds in Yacolt, Washington, USA; Multiple UFOs in the night sky of Frankfurt, Germany; Ebani UFO filmed over East Los Angeles, California; News From Space - Space Junk; Large UFO ...

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Did you miss the previous episode of UFO Planet? 

UFO Planet Ep 111 - Multiple Las Vegas UFO Sightings, Water discovered on Saturn moon Enceladus
Take a journey into the unknown with Darin Crapo and examine the following UFO Sightings: strange object over officer tower in Montevideo, Uruguay; similar object over city in Turkey; strange metalic sounds heard in Basalt, Colorado; Water discovered on Saturn moon of Enceladus; lights in the sky ov...

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Submit your UFO Encounters to UFO Planet and we may include your video clip or photo on the program. For more information on how to submit your media files CLICK HERE. Although not all clips will make it on the program, Darin will review each and every submission. Please include a brief description with your submission.  Always remember to include the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY when you make your video , photo or story submission.

Interviews have returned to UFO Planet.  If you have a story you would like to share, contact Darin through email with details of your encounter.  Viewer guests are selected from the best submissions.  As well as viewer guests,  UFO Planet will also feature some significant players in the UFO world. Interviews are conducted using Skype video. If you have a personal UFO experience, have been abducted, or have some ground-breaking news to share, contact Darin with your story today!

The 'NEW' UFO Planet interview room.

The ‘NEW’ UFO Planet interview room.





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